Investment Property Group (‘IPG’) is a Greek established Single Member Private Company formed in March 2017. The company was incorporated to participate and form back of the numerous investment and financial advantages rapidly evolving around the Greek Real Estate sector.

Real Estate investments (both primary and secondary markets) across Greece, in particularly Athens and the southern suburbs is currently experiencing major growth, resulting one of the driving forces supporting the Greek economy. With main interest and demand arisen from international individuals and entities including but not limited to Chinese, Egyptians, Russians, Turkish and Israelis; the incentive of this uprising trend is related to the issuance of Golden Visas offered to non-EU citizens, renewable every five (5) years giving them open access in and out of Europe, with no minimum stay requirements unlike other European countries. Up to today it is considered as of one of the most affordable investment packages totaling EUR250.000 as opposed to alternative European countries for example Portugal EUR350.000 and Spain EUR500.000. In reference to the Enterprise Greece, statistics illustrate that permit holders have invested EUR 1.2billion in Greek Real Estate under this program, effectively resulting an exponential momentum within the property sector.

Additional lucrative reasons why real estate investments are interesting in Greece are several, including:

• Strategic Geographical positioning. Easy access across Europe, Asia and Africa.
• Mediterranean Climate, over 300 days of sunshine, world renowned beaches
• History and Culture
• Over 16,000km coastline, 6,000 islands and islets
• Tourism (city break, religious, cultural, nautical, thematic, beach, medical)

In accordance to recent findings, there are currently numerous completed and ongoing projects in Greece both across the mainland and islands. These sectors involve real estate, airports, railway, regional ports and marinas conveying confidence in the Greek economy with significant upsides and returns in the short and long run.

IPG’s scope of business activities include:

• Property purchases
• Property sales
• Property Rentals (long & short term)
• Property Construction
• Property renovation and refurbishment

Since IPG’s establishment it has invested in six (6) residential properties five (5) of which are situated in the southern suburbs and one (1) in the city centre. A couple of its existing properties are currently being managed and operated by a reputable Property Management Company in the southern suburbs.

The company’s mission and long-term vision is to increase its current asset volume as well as to diversify its portfolio into hotels, retail and commercial establishments.