The starting line of the successful common business route of Captain Gabriel Petridis and Mr. Mons Bolin counts back at 1990, where they established the “SSS Corporation”, a company based in London, which was mainly engaging in the chartering and operation of seagoing vessels. Soon, the company gained recognition as a key player in the sector of dry cargo, and particularly in the sugar and grain trade. This indicated the first big success of Captain Petridis and Mr. Bolin, which is even greater considering that it was achieved at a time of poor prevailing trading conditions.

The next challenge followed in 1991, when Captain Petridis and Mr. Bolin got involved with the market of Iran. They created a joint venture with the Iranian interests’ company “Bonyad Shipping Co.” under the name of “Seabon Holdings”, in order to establish worldwide contracts of afreightment with the Iranian Market. Within the first year of operations, the company, chartered about 150 vessels in order to service the above contracts and furthermore begun to create its own fleet by acquiring 10 vessels.

Several agencies were established in Buenos Aires, London, Teheran, Piraeus and Odysseus in order to support the company’s increasing needs and serve its expanding strategy to fulfill its goals.

In 1997, this valuable “know how” engaged with the experience of the founders in the Shipping Industry to produce one more successful co-operation resulting in the incorporation of “Magnus Carriers Corporation”, which was mainly involved with managing a large fleet with vessels varying from Containers, LPGs, Product Tankers, Bulk Carriers and Reefer Vessels. Apart of the management of Seabon’s fleet, the company also engaged in third party ship management activities. International funding organizations and banks have entrusted to “Magnus Carriers Corporation” the management of their own fleet.

In 2005, Captain Gabriel Petridis and Mr. Mons Bolin acted as promoters and structured the project of the acquisition of 2 container vessels for 2 K.S. companies within the Norwegian Market. This was a very successful investment as it produced a 40% return.

As the trust of the Capital Markets and Financial Institutions towards the enterprising judgement of the two men was increasing new opportunities came up. This reliability resulted in financial backing for setting up a private fleet which formed the basis of an initial public offering in the US Stock Exchange managed by “Magnus Carriers Corporation”.

“Aries Maritime Transport Ltd ” (AMT), was listed in the stock market of NY (NASDAQ), whilst managing the fleet’s stock portfolio through its trading shares. At the same time of the IPO, the foundation of “Aries Energy Corporation” (AEC) took place, which as being the holding company of the private investment group, absorbed the total of commercial activities of the founders.

Through AEC Group’s overall activities as well as the cash flow that AMT generated with its presence in NASDAQ, there was provided a significant substance to the strategic business plan of the founders, regarding the exploitation of international opportunities.

AEC’s expanding strategy led to another successful acquisition that took place again in the Norwegian Market. The Company “Ugelstad Rederi A/S” was acquired by AEC at 2007 and was renamed “Aries Offshore Services A/S”. “Ugelstad Rederi A/S” was established in 1929 by its founder Samuel Ugelstad Sr. and has enjoyed over 80 years of wealthy business within the Shipping Industry. Until 1975 the company owned and operated mostly Tanker Vessels. In 1975 however, due to the oil price increase which led to energy exploration of the sea (offshore), there was a change in the strategic direction and the company invested in Offshore Supply Vessels. “Aries Offshore Services A/S” specializes now in offering services to the offshore energy sector and currently owns 6 Platform Supply Vessels (PSV).

Identifying and following the market trend of increasing demand for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and LPG Carriers (LPG/C), Captain Petridis and Mr. Bolin decided to diversify sources of revenue by investing in the purchase of an LPG storage terminal. This led to the formation of “Trident Holdings Corporation”, which acquired the “IPEM Group”. This acquisition was one more successful move of Captain Petridis, which generated remarkable profits and contributed in terms of knowledge and experience to the group.

The investments that followed as well as the coverage of almost the whole range of Shipping and Energy Industry with object the maximum possible dissemination, proved to be strengths that are minimizing corporate risk.

The vision of AEC group of companies demonstrates the value that emerges from the collaboration between energy and shipping business in order to provide total solutions and thus to meet the market’s needs, in fields such as administration and selling of raw materials concerning energy. AEC due to its both expanding and differentiation strategy achieved the today’s respectable market share within a globalised and highly competitive environment