Aries Maritime Transport Limited


Our Business

Aries Maritime is a leading international shipping company that owns product tankers, dry bulk carriers and container vessels. Aries transports petroleum products such as gasoline, jet fuel and diesel fuel from refining regions to consuming nations in its fleet of double hull and product carriers. The Company also transports a diverse range of finished and semi-finished goods from manufacturing centers to industrial and consumer end-users with its container fleet and bulk cargoes, iron ore, coal, grains with its bulk carrier fleet.

Our Strengths

Aries possesses a number of competitive strengths that position the Company to take advantage of the positive long-term fundamentals in the maritime sector, while delivering strong results to both customers and shareholders.

Aries competitive strengths include:

Strong Management Team - The Board of Directors and the Executive Management Team have over a century of experience in shipping transactions and ship management in up and down markets.

Products Carriers and Container Vessel Focus - Aries currently operates in two sectors that have solid long-term fundamentals. With a fleet of double-hull product Carriers, the Company is well positioned to take advantage of increasingly complex dynamics in refining capacity and demand. In the container shipping sector, the Company is well positioned to take advantage of the volatility in the sector which is the dominant method for international transportation of many industrial and consumer goods.

Period Charter Focus - Aries' strategy is to operate the fleet under long-term contracts, which are aimed at providing shareholders with increased earnings and revenue stability. The Company's approach of seeking to reduce earnings volatility by signing long-term contracts for its vessels is consistent with its policy to distribute dividends to shareholders.

Double-Hulled Tanker Fleet - As a result of having 100% of its products fleet double-hulled, Aries is in a strong position to successfully operate in a dynamic regulatory environment and meet its customers' needs in a safe and environmentally friendly manner

Dry Bulk Vessels -The capesize sector 130,000 to 170,000 dwt.

Diverse and Flexible Fleet - Aries’ container vessels range in capacity from 1,799 to 2,917 TEU. The size and capacity of Aries' container fleet provides the Company with the flexibility to service major long-haul routes, as well as operate in ports that are restricted to larger vessels. The Company's product tanker fleet, which is made up of MR, Panamax vessels, also offers the Company and its customers significant flexibility. In addition to being able to service the majority of ports, Aries' coated products tankers have the capability of transporting a variety of wet cargos including dirty and clean petroleum products and edible oils.

Our Strategy

Aries' operating strategy is focused on implementing a period charter approach, in an effort to generate stable cash flow and limit earnings volatility. Complementing this strategy is Aries' commitment to growing the Company and expanding its leadership in the industry.

The Company's Strategy includes:

Growing Through Accretive Acquisitions - Aries intends to actively look for opportunities to invest in the container, product and other shipping sectors. In executing its acquisition strategy, Aries will focus on transactions that add quality vessels to its fleet for the benefit of the Company, customers and shareholders.

Maintaining Quality Vessels - Aries ensures that its vessels are maintained to the highest standards. The Company manages directly some of the vessels and outsources the balance of its fleet management to world renowned dedicated ship management service providers with an uncompromising focus on quality. Aries intends to provide leading charters with modern well maintained vessels suited to offer quality service while protecting the environment and Company’s seafarers.

Mentioned below are the names and positions of our Directors and Executive Officers. Our Board of Directors is elected annually on a staggered basis, and each Director holds office until his successor shall have been duly elected and qualified, except in the event of his death, resignation, removal or the earlier termination of his office. The business address of all our Executive Officers and Directors is 18, Zerva Nap. Str. Glyfada, 166 75 Athens, Greece.

Nicholas G Fistes: Chairman and Executive Director
Michail S Zolotas: Deputy Chairman, CEO and Executive Director
Allan L Shaw: Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director
Masaaki Kohsaka: Non Executive Director
Spyros Gianniotis: Non Executive Director
Apostolos Tsitsirakis: Non Executive Director
Panagiotis Skiadas: Non Executive Director