Trident Holdings Ltd


Identifying and following the market trend of increasing demand for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and LPG Carriers (LPG/C), Captain Gabriel Petridis and Mr. Mons Bolin decided to diversify sources of revenue by investing in the purchase of an LPG storage terminal. This led to the formation of “Trident Holdings Corporation”, which acquired the “IPEM Group”.

The “IPEM Group” is composed of 5 main companies:

  • IPEM: The group trading arm and Brindisi terminal operator
  • Costiero Adriatico: The company holding assets of the IPEM group’s subsidiaries
  • Autogas Meridonale: Wholesale company
  • Adriatica Centrogaz: Wholesale company for the Ancona area
  • Coperoi: Company in charge of security matters

The Brindisi terminal, located in the South East of Italy, has a total storage capacity of 29,600 cbm and is the only one in Italy that is capable to receive such large vessels carrying LPG loaded in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The Brindisi terminal is controlled by the “IPEM Group”. In 2005 the terminal traded 297,000 tons covering approximately 8,5% of the Italian Market.
This acquisition was one more successful move of Captain Petridis and Mr. Bolin, which generated remarkable profits and contributed in terms of knowledge and experience to the group.